Put simply my goal is to help every client, reach their highest potential, in every area of their life.

If you are ready to focus on impact and success and are serious about pushing yourself to create breakthroughs, break down barriers and reach new levels of success, and do more than you believed possible, then this is for you.

We will focus on awareness, accountability and action so you can continue to achieve great results and make a difference without burning out or losing a sense of balance in life.

Transformation won’t always be easy – I hold my clients accountable for their success and there will be challenging moments BUT I can promise you it will be life changing!!

It has been my own story, that has inspired and motivated me to evolve my coaching practice in this direction. With a background that includes some serious trauma and abuse, I have had a few cards dealt to me that would be enough to make anyone call it quits. But I carried with me the strong belief that we are not defined by our pasts. We cannot change them; but we CAN change our futures. We can’t do anything about the experiences we have lived through but we can take the opportunity to learn from them. 

We have a choice. We don’t have to be shaped by other’s judgements, or our harsh judgements of ourselves. We don’t have to be limited by our fears. 

We have a choice.

And now I help people make that choice. 


Why Work with me:


Firstly I know how you feel…

Having suffered multiple traumas such as sexual & physical abuse, redundancy and miscarriages I know first out what it feels like to be stuck in a cycle of doubt, frustration, anger and overwhelm, to be controlled by past experiences and to put your dreams on hold because you just don’t know where to start or how to make it happen.

I spent years repeating the same mistakes, coming up against the same challenges and slowly getting more and more disillusioned by it all. Everything just felt like hard work.

I would watch others get promoted, set up a business, have children, earn more money, feel happy. I wondered why it never happened to me, what was I doing so wrong? When it would be my time?

It caused me to doubt myself, procrastinate, worry, overthink, feel out of control, and play the victim

My life changed when I made a choice to show up daily, be accountable and have fun.

Fast forward 10 years and I have built a highly successful international personal development company that helps people create rapid change, connect to who they really are and how to live their lives with passion and purpose.

I am a qualified Mastery NLP, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist and have over 10 years in the Coaching industry.

Most importantly though, I am your missing link to creating the changes you need to make. I strip everything back and push past the BS excuses to create insights and see what is going on internally – what limiting beliefs you have floating around your mind consciously or subconsciously. I introduce you to transformational techniques that will break down your blocks, unearth your deep rooted beliefs and give you the confidence to take back control and live a life full of passion and purpose.

I have worked with Global brands, large corporates such as Johnson & Johnson Medical, business owners and entrepreneurs all looking to break old patterns, strip everything back and create a mindset for success that is rightfully theirs.

I am the Queen or focus and organization juggling my business 3 days a week and spending quality time with my gorgeous miracle son.

My MAX Rules Frameworks are built around my three core principles – Mindset + Action = eXcellence. You truly can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to if all three are in alignment.

I have worked with 1000s of people and helped them let go of the draining BS excuses they have been using, delve deep into their internal dialogue to provide insights, answers and above all SOLUTIONS to help them go from playing small, feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused and unmotivated into confidence, focused and motivated high achievers with clear direction and self belief so they show up daily and take the RIGHT action.

With my expertise and experience, I also host the Mindset Growth Academy Podcast that focuses on bringing Mindset to Life and creating success from the inside out through the power of interviews, sharing stories from people all over the world who has achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.

Purchase my Mindset Strategy Workbook for just £22.22 Today

For years I have seen first hand the impact clear direction and a strong strategy plan has on business success. 

It can transform results, income and productivity overnight and leave you feeling in control, focused, motivated and inspired. Instead of constantly going round in circles. feeling lost, confused, trapped and frustrated you learn how to step out of your own way, manage your mindset to overcome fear and self sabotage and show up daily to take consistent action.  

It is mind blowing!!

Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond to it.