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Get inspired and fired up with Emma Gibbs-Ng, founder of the Mindset Growth Academy, bringing Mindset to life!
The Mindset Growth Academy Podcast brings together incredible stories of inspiring people from around the world who have achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.
The host, Emma Gibbs-Ng also combines her personal experiences of overcoming multiple traumas along with her experience as a leading Mindset Coach, to inspire, influence and help thousands of people to bring Mindset to life and create success from the inside out.

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Welcome to Mindset Growth Academy, today I am sharing with you my vision for this show and why I have created this Podcast.

My passion to bring Mindset to life and create a deeper connection with the power of the mind will shine through each of my episodes.

Today I am joined by the amazing Scott Jenkins. Scott is a true iron man, power house and adrenaline junkie! He will be talking about his passion for taking on some of the most extreme challenges. Scotts passion for making a difference to peoples lives has seen him run 2687 mile, cycle 4500 miles, hike 100 miles and row 145 miles all in the name of charity. He will be sharing his motivation behind these challenges, how he mentally prepares himself to push himself to the edge and what he does when Fear kicks in.

Beth is the creator of BAO a global organic skincare business.
Today she is sharing with me her how is successfully runs her business while battling severe Crohns disease which has left her bed bound for days at a time. She talks about the constant battle of managing stress and the emotions linked with the disease and how she has used her illness to drive her to creating a better life for everyone

Join Emma today for a solo episode where she will be sharing with you 5 steps to program your mind for success so you can achieve amazing results

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Sam Baynes was left fighting for her life in a coma with multiple fractures to her skull, brain damage, a broken back and severe damage to her arm when she sled off the mountain in Austria on New Year’s Eve 2015/16.
Having just turned 30, she was excited about the future and had just landed her dream job as a physiotherapist in St Anton – one of the most popular ski resorts in Austria.
Today she is sharing with me her journey to recovery and how when faced with adversity/dead she chose to never give up and beat the odds.
Sam has since climbed Kilimanjaro and is climbing Mt Everest next year, proving that you literally can achieve anything in life if you put your mind to it.
During this solo episode I will be sharing with you 4 ways to help you condition your mind for success so you can create the life and business you desire in 2019.
What would your life be like if you conditioned yourself for success every day?
What could you achieve? What would be possible?
My life changed dramatically when I asked myself these questions and decided to try it out! So try it out too!
Lets use this new start to lay down the right foundations to really condition our minds for success.

Adam Hollioake is a professional athlete who is the only international cricketer to compete professionally as a Mixed Martial Artist. He has also competed as a professional boxer. However he is most well known as a cricketing all-rounder who played for Surrey and England.
During the peak of his career Adam tragically lost his brother Ben Hollioake an international cricketer himself, in a car accident.
Today Adam will be sharing with me the impact this loss had on his life both personally and professionally, how he coped with the grief while competing for his country an what it taught him as a person.

Today I am talking about the importance of visualisation and how it can increase your chances of success. I will be sharing with you the 3 steps I used to help me form a deep connection with my goals so I stay focused, motivated and productive. Lets start to create a movie in our minds and lay down the foundations for success in 2019.

Gemma Went is an award winning leading Business coaching helping entrepreneurs in business
Today Gemma will be sharing with us how her Fear of visibility dominated her life, the impact this had on both her personal and professional life what she did to overcame it and how she has now gone on to run a multiple six figure business, speak at international events and appear regularly in videos. 
Jessica spent 20 years in publishing working for four major multi award winning publishing companies within both Penguin Random House and Hachette UK before being made redundant.

Today Jessica will be sharing with us how after years of working in the corporate world she made the bold decision follow her passions and set up and Publishing Consultancy business helping entrepreneurs discover their writing talents and create a best seller. She is be talking about the fears she experienced as a results of stepping out of the corporate bubble, overcoming entrepreneurial challenges and transferring her skill set to create a global business that that has unlimited opportunities.

There is always risk in everything we do, even in not doing anything BUT if we want it bad enough and are willing to make our goals bigger than our fear, then opportunities await

During this solo episode I will be sharing with you how you can manage fear and show up with intention.
Following on from the amazing interviews with both Gemma Went & Jessica Killingley I really wanted to spend some time talking about FEAR and share 5 transformational ways to manage fear so it no longer impacts on your life in a way that leaves you feeling out of control, stuck and vulnerable.
Fear is something we all experience at some point and it presents itself differently for each of us. It is how we respond to that fear that determines the impact it has of our life. Fear never goes away but you can learn to manage it by reducing the hold it has on you and take back the control of your outcomes.
Alix is a former international rugby player who won 33 caps for Wales, appeared in two Rugby World Cups and helped his country win the 6 Nations Grand Slam in 2008.
Injury forced him to retire in 2011. Alix then transferred his leadership skillset into the world of business; he worked as Business Development Director at Amplified Business Content, and co-founded the Entrepreneur Wales Awards.
In 2018, he established HUB XV, a co-working company that turns sports clubs into business hubs.
Today Alix explains benefits a professional sporting mindset can bring to the business domain.
This week is a solo episode with me where I will be sharing with you 6 ways to help you overcome overwhelm.
Overwhelm is something we all experience at some point in our ways but it is how we manage it, in that moment which determines the impact it can have on us, our success and our happiness.
When you can break it down and work through the feelings everything begins to feel easier helping you to rebalance and get back on track with confidence.

Mental Health is something we all need to understand more. It is an illness that is often misunderstood and as there are no physical symptoms people can sometimes cast judgement of certain behaviours without knowing the full story.
Today Sam is sharing with us the impact of living with someone who had mental health issues has had on her life both personally & professionally, what she did you cope with the challenges and how she has used her experience to go on and help and support 1000s of other people.
She shares a powerful insight into the impact this illness has not just on the person involved but their family and friends too. She shares the resources and techniques that helped her cope with these pressures and let go of the negative emotions linked with them.
The more we can understand about Mental health the more support we can offer those affected by it.

This week is a solo episode with me where I am talking about 5 ways to boost your motivation.

At times we can fall victim to lack of motivation and we find ourselves procrastinating more and putting on doing things as we don’t have the focus that we need to take action. As a result life plateaus and we can become stagnant!

Today I am sharing with you how to get out of that state of funk, re-energise your mind and get back on the productivity train!

Kate Grey is a Paralympic swimmer and represented Great Britain for ten years. During that time she competed at European Championships, World Championships and the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. Due to ill health Kate was forced to retire from swimming at the peak of her career and turned her focus to a role as an athlete mentor working with young people to promote the power of sport and most recently has begun carving a new career in the world of media and broadcasting.  
Now a successful BBC Sports presenter, Kate will be sharing with me how she lost her arm during a freak accident on the family farm when she was just 2 years old and how she has never let her disability hold her back from proving people wrong and achieving amazing success both in and outside on the pool.