Total Mindset Detox 


Do you want to be more, do more, earn more & feel inspired everyday?

Do you want to hit the six-figures consistently and grow your business year on year?

Do you want to write a best-selling book or two and get a publishing deal?

Do you want to be paid to speak about your “why” and become an international speaker?

Do you want to buy the dream home and pay it off fast, so you and your family have financial freedom?

Do you want to create huge impact and leave a legacy you can be proud of?

Do you want to have time to travel, spend time with loved ones and still make money?

Do You….


Have big visions and ambition to match to create new levels of success, but you just can’t seem to get out of your own way and constantly remind yourself why you shouldn’t do it?

know you’re capable of amazing things and have the vision and ambition to match, BUT you just don’t know where to start or how to begin, you are going round in circles, feeling tired, emotional and getting more and more confused on what to do first.

Put yourself out there and even had that first wonderful glimpse of success, but old patterns are repeating again, self-sabotage has kicked in and now you’ve stalled. You are constantly comparing yourself to other and wondering why it is so easy for them.

Want to break the six figures and create the success you rightfully deserve, but right now you just feel out of control, stuck and frustrated, unable to make progress, paralysed by fear and limiting thoughts and questioning whether you truly deserve the success you desire.

Whatever you want,  I want to help you create the mindset you need to make it happen……….

A lot of my clients come to me because they have hit a wall, they feel at a loss with what to do next as they have tried everything they can and yet nothing is shifting! They have their Marketing sorted, their strategies in place, lots of creative ideas buzzing around in their mind and they are taking action BUT still they struggle to move beyond where they are right now…..

Marketing & Strategy are VITAL for business success BUT if your mindset is out alignment and all over the place it is not possible to implement these Strategies effectively and as a result you become stuck!


Success is 80% Mindset and 20% Strategy 


Just imagine how would it FEEL to…


  • Consistently hit £5k, £10k month on month by reframing your money mindset and releasing internal blocks that allow you to hit big financial goals you never thought possible.
  • Publish your first book or be on stage sharing your story, by letting go of imposter syndrome, procrastination and self sabotage, so you can follow your heart, trust in your abilities and believe in yourself unconditionally.
  • Manage your FEAR rationally and calmly so there are no hidden surprises when you upscale, challenge and push yourself beyond your normal limitations.
  • Feel in total alignment with your goals by identifying and eliminating your limiting beliefs, leaving you feeling FREE to make choices and actions based on who you are today.
  • Reframe past lessons and mistakes and use that powerful feedback to produce high performing strategy plans that get results fast.
  • Be so in tune with your zone of genius that ideas, opportunities and success flow with ease.
  • Feel energised, motivated, focused and inspired, ready to take action consistently and with intention.

Let me remind you….

  • You are stronger than you realize
  • You have achieved more that you acknowledge
  • You are capable of so much more than you believe
  • You have all the resources within you to make it happen.

How do I know this?

I have had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing women during the last 6 years, who have overcome the darkest of times, rebuilt their strength and trust and learnt to understand, accept and let go of anything that no longer serves them in the way they wanted. I have seen my client break financial ceilings, double their income in 6 months, win national awards, get headhunted by multi national companies who want them on their team, buy their dream house, travel the world while working and land their dream job.

Were they unique? No

Were they special? No

They just had a willingness, focus and desire to invest in their success, show up daily with intention and take  inspired action everyday.

You can too!

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from hundreds of hours training, thousands of powerful coaching sessions and years of personal and professional experience and created a transformational MAX Rules framework that breaks down the exact steps you need to take to get from where you are now… to where you really want to be…

Mindset + Action = eXcellence

“I signed up as a beta tester for Total Mindset Detox as it was too good an opportunity to miss. I was at a complete loss with my business, confused, stuck and frustrated. My income had stalled and my ideas had dried up. I was on a vicious cycle of self doubt and procrastination. As a result of completing the program I have hit new Financial goals, pivoted my business and expanded my team. I can finally see the wood through the trees and breathe!!!” Kerry

Total Mindset Detox is a 10 week Growth Mindset Program that creates success at every level..


Designed for women who want it all,  women who want to have an impact, women who are focused and committed to creating a success business.


A group program where right now, you pay once and you’re in for life. There are 9 modules full of videos, meditations, workbooks, strategy plans, templates and of course live workshops to help you break through your upper limits at every level of your business and financial growth.


We work together to:


  • Master your money mindset.

  • Release limiting beliefs and fears

  • Banish sabotage and procrastination

  • Build self awareness and leaves you feeling in control of your choices, actions and results

  • Provide you with strategies you need to increase engagement, presence, opportunities and your income and create the life of your dreams.

  • Provide answers to unlock limiting blocks and set yourself free with purpose, time and confidence.

  • Build Confidence, self belief and self worth to help you receive more.

It’s the perfect place if you’re growing your business, or pushing through to the next level.

“I have absolutely loved being part of Emma’s Total Mindset Detox course. I had done some mindset work before Emma’s course and had followed another prior course by someone else so I had an idea about the topics we might cover. But I just loved Emma’s take on it. I loved how she provided examples that were easy to implement.. no excuses! I loved how she concisely explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and made practical sense. Emma was dedicated to all of us who were taking her course and when we had a question, she was very quick to come back with advice or an answer. She certainly went the extra mile. Her videos captured her kick-ass personality and, quite frankly, that’s the kind of person you need running a course like this. But she kicked-ass in a caring and loving way…a way that made you want to create a better mindset and life for yourself. And you could easily see just how passionate she is about creating a positive mindset. She spoke and shared from her heart, showing us that she’d been there too and has managed to turn her life around by using the very examples she teaches. I highly recommend that everyone has Emma in their life. With her, your life will be happier, you’ll feel more fulfilled and your vibration will be higher.” Vivienne


One of the hardest things for us ladies to do is to give ourselves permission to follow our passions and put ourselves first.

Often we are so consumed with the needs of others that we forget to focus on ourselves.

If you want to create a life that you love and achieve success that will make you proud, you need to learn to put yourself first. You must embrace your greatness, your inner sassiness and show up for your dreams every day.

Because the only person that can truly stop you from succeeding… is you.

I have made it my mission to help as many women as a I can to fall in love with life again and to trust in themselves again so they can reignite their passions, and turn their dreams into reality by believing and understanding anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Total Mindset Detox: What’s included?


The programme consists of 10 modules; the modules are delivered at a rate of 1 module per week, which will include workbooks, video tutorials, template, tools and techniques. Every week I will run a live training session in the private Facebook group to support the weekly modules and answer any questions you have

The first four Modules work on Detoxing your mind from everything that no longer serves you and is playing a part in holding you back and stopping you from achieving the success and financial goals you want. We free up space and energy so you can start to focus on the RIGHT things, gain clarity, direction and confidence to show up daily with conviction and achieve your dreams.We then look to re-program your mindset for success by building you back up and working on your confidence, self worth, belief and focus so you can manage and overcome fear & self sabotage easily & effectively to achieve sustainable success.

Week One: Getting out of your own way
  • We all have limiting beliefs and stories that hold us back from going after what we want. We’ll kick off our coaching program by going deeper into what is really holding you back. We’ll explore the limits you have placed on yourself and where your self-esteem could do with a boost! I want you to get familiar with every single story and belief in your mind, because then we can do some re-writing!
Week Two: Understanding Fear
  • We all have fear and our mind is very good at going to worse case scenario. When we allow ourselves to believe these fears as truth, we are terrified to take action. We fear for our emotional and physical well-being and so the easiest and safest option seems to be to hide away and not take any action at all. When you can get beneath the fears and release the energy and emotion behind it, suddenly we remember how powerful we were all along. We make our choices from a place of love and authenticity.
Week Three: Letting go of Self Sabotage
    • Sabotage is such a sneaky thing because you often don’t realise you’re doing it. You have moved past the limiting beliefs and the fear and you’re even taking action, yet it can feel like one step forward and two back! Nothing is changing (or not quick enough anyway) and you’re starting to feel impatient and irritated. It’s likely that you’ve hit your upper limit…. which is the amount of success, happiness, wealth etc. that you will allow yourself to experience. This week we get clear on what your favourite forms of sabotage are, why you are doing it and what is your ‘limit’.

     Marie Houlden  – EFT Practitioner and Energy Healer, will be joining us this week to run a bonus workshop on ‘How to banish negativity, self doubt & Self sabotage forever.

Week Four: The power of Forgiveness
  • This is a big one this week and to me is the game changer in the mindset detox process. The power of forgiveness. When we experience events that impact us on a deep emotional level it can leave its mark in so many areas of our life and block success on all levels. As a result we carry around raw emotions that leave us feeling emotionally and physically drained, trapped, confused, hurt, guilty, angry and unmotivated. There is no space in our lives for anything else. Through the power of forgiveness you learn to let go, create space and shift our energy to one of acceptance, opportunities and flow. We allow ourselves to become FREE to start all over again.
Week Five: Implementation Week

Time to have a breather, regroup and reflect on everything you have learnt so far.

Week Six: Self love & Self Care
  • Self Love or should I say lack of self love is the biggest reason we don’t achieve the success we desire. It forms blocks across all areas of our life and leaves us trapped in our existence. It is time to fall in love with life and ourselves again so we can treat ourselves as a VIP and create balance, well being and harmony; emotionally, physically and spiritually. When we are under pressure, challenged, struggling with self belief and doubt we often start to neglect our minds and bodies and push ourselves too far. This week we are focusing on the importance of self care and keeping balanced so we have the energy – emotionally, physically and spiritually to keep going and be the best we can do every day.
  • Sophie Le Brozec will be running a bonus Workshop this week to help you understand the true meaning of self love and how to let go of GUILT so it no longer impacts your choices, thoughts, decisions and actions.
Week Seven: Re-write our Story
  • Its time to re-write our story and get super clear on our new goals, what they look like, who we need to connect with, how we can achieve them and break them down. Without goals we have nothing to aim for, no clarity or direction. It is time to go deep and look at what we REALLY want to achieve and create the goals to make this happen.
Week Eight: Keeping Focused
  • It’s time to get FOCUSED and keep our eyes on the prize. We need to make sure we show up every day and act consistently and in alignment with our goals. This week we will be focusing on the amazing techniques that help us to stay on track, reduce overwhelm and really have fun.
Week Nine: Taking Inspired Action
  • This week we will be putting plans in place so we take ACTION EVERYDAY. It is all about focusing on the outcomes we want, working with the people who help and inspire us and creating achievable action steps that allow us to show up daily, move forward , make inroads, break down blocks and keep going.
Week Ten: Bringing it all together
  • I will be sharing with you the most amazing transformational stories of on of the most awe inspiring ladies I have had the privilege to meet and work with. This week you will hear her story and have the chance to ask questions. You will not want to miss this.

“Working with Emma on her Total Mindset Detox program has been a fantastic experience, I learned so much about myself and was finally ready  to face up to things that I had been avoiding for years. The content has made a lasting impression on me as has Emma’s coaching. It was important for me to work with a coach that understood my struggles and had implemented these tools and techniques in her own life and was living proof that they work. Emma went above and beyond to support us every step of the way and was always very quick to respond to questions”  Jackie

Total Mindset Detox is perfect for you if…..


  • Never move past a certain level of income, or achieve it consistently

  • Every launch, you get the same number of people, or the same amount of income and nothing changes.

  • Put on the brakes – personally, professionally and financially.

  • You are struggling to make the breakthroughs you want in your business.

  • You are ready for more and everything is set up, strategies plans, content creation, ideas, opportunities BUT you are starting to doubt whether it is possible.

  • You want more – more clients, more money, more opportunities, more success.

  • You are ready to let go of the excuses and take your success seriously.

  • You love the idea of being able to connect with and learn from a Mindset Success Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist who already has years of experience — but for a fraction of the cost of my VIP coaching


I am a unique blend of Mindset Coach and Hypnotherapist, which allow me to get to the root cause of internal struggles and provides the techniques to use to transform your life.

I have overcome personal and professional struggles that have pushed me to the edge and held me back. I know what it feels like to be trapped, confused with no idea on how to stop the overwhelm, self-doubt and lack of belief destroy my dreams.

I have worked with Global brands, large corporates, business owners and entrepreneurs all looking to break old patterns, strip everything back and create a mindset for success that is rightfully theirs.

I am the Queen of focus and organization juggling my business 2 days a week and spending quality time with my gorgeous miracle son.

My MAX Rules Frameworks are built around my three core principles – Mindset + Attitude = eXcellence

I am 100% transparent and honest and will support you all the way, by safely guiding you to identify, acknowledge and let go of everything that no longer serves you.

Everything I teach is transferrable into all areas of your life and if consistently used will form sustainable change and success.

I give you my all, over deliver and never give up. Your success is my success.

I keep you accountable – I will push you, support you and guide you until you reach your goals.

I am committed to growth and development and continue to work with the most amazing coaches so I have all the up to date knowledge and experience to help you to achieve your goals.

Everything I teach is tried, tested and perfectly safe. I get results!

For people who can’t afford to work with me 1:1 this is the perfect opportunity to work with me as well as meeting other like minded women who could become friends for life.

I love to have fun along the way – change doesn’t have to be hard. If you can laugh, have fun and enjoy it everything flows so much easier.

You truly can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to if all three are in alignment.

I have worked with hundreds of people and helped them go from playing small, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused and unmotivated to confidence, focused and motivated with clear direction so they show up daily, take action.

So are you ready to…

  • Manage your FEAR rationally and calmly
  • Earn your true worth and create a money mindset that allows you to hit big financial goals you never thought possible
  • Attract more money, success, happiness, health and love into your life. 
  • Identify patterns & triggers so you are one step ahead of the mind monkeys and can intervene and redirect your thoughts as soon as you notice the shift.
  • Reduce Self Sabotage by breaking everything down, focusing on the important stuff and connecting with influencers and supporters who are ready to work with you.
  • Gain clarity on what you really want based on who you are today and not on your past experiences.
  • Increase your intuition, so that you can begin to trust yourself and your decisions again.
  • Create a successful business mindset that is right for YOU and one that will bring you the success you crave now and in the future
  • Grow in confidence to step into your truth and become completely aligned with your soul purpose and hooked in your zone of genius
  • Be in control and show up daily with intention and focus
  • Work alongside other, likeminded small business owner & entrepreneurs and support each other as you learn and grow. No more lonely days or isolation.
  • Work with an experienced Mindset Coach and Mentor who will support, guide and challenge you to bring your visions to life.

Client Success:


Tamara has been head hunted by a leading Multi National Company to work freelance with them and has a created a pilot program that is now being delivered in the USA.

 Laura went from a troubled relationship, low confidence and lack of self belief in her business to doubling her business growth, had time to spend with her children and met a new man in just 4 months

Kerrie went from struggling, low confidence and stagnant results, feeling like she never had time to do anything to building a supportive team around her to help build, expand and scale her business.

Vikki went from being a serial sabotager and constantly pushing away opportunities, money and happiness to running a successful business, making consistent £5k months and traveling the world with her family.

Jackie went from a job she hated, low self esteem and lack of self worth to landing her dream job, launching 2 new businesses and finding her perfect home.

Poppy went from £1000s in debt to transforming her money mindset, letting go of the old stories and making over £100,000 in Sales bonus in 2017.


Let me help you understand your limiting beliefs, break down you fears and overcome self sabotaging behaviours so you can create unstoppable success on all levels of your business, with this 10 week Mindset Detox program that starts on the Monday 15h October. I’ll be using a combination of workbooks, meditation scripts, goal planners, Video Training, Live sessions with a unique blend of NLP, life Coaching and hypnotherapy to ensure we break down your block, release your fears and rebuild your confidence and belief so you can gain clarity, focus and direction. I want you to believe in yourself the way I believe in you and KNOW that you Can ACHIEVE anything you put your mind too.

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Lets make this happen!


Questions? Please don’t hesitate to email me at