Creating rapid change by letting go of limiting beliefs & taking control of your success & happiness…


Have you ever considered that the way you think about your life might be the very thing that is preventing you from fulfilling your potential?


Maybe you’re like many of my clients and you have dozens of articles bookmarked about creating change, earning more money, creating freedom, being more successful.

Maybe you’ve already invested in courses, coaching, or even masterminds.

Maybe you’re playing with the idea of one more degree or certification so you’re more “qualified.”

Maybe you are waiting for the RIGHT time

Yet you still feel stuck, unfulfilled and like something is missing…..

Without the RIGHT action, your qualifications, ideas, goals and desires are just pipe dreams!

The truth is that tactics and strategies aren’t enough to make a sustainable impact and thrive consistently. We need to dig deeper and look at the reasons why we aren’t where we want to be and that comes understanding the patterns of behaviour that get in our way.


Creating the right Mindset is the KEY INGREDIENT for success! It is the GAME CHANGER, The MISSING LINK, and your SECRET WEAPON.

It is the difference between being good to GREAT.

It is the difference between feeling trapped, stuck and uninspired to having clarity, direction and focus

It is the difference between repeating old patterns, doing the same thing over and over to learning from mistakes, understanding your triggers, recognising your strengths and taking strategic action daily

It is the difference between playing small to showing up daily, be consistent and accountable for your actions, results and choices.

It is the difference between letting fears, judgments and low confidence define your actions to managing fear, letting go of limitations, trusting in your instincts and believing in yourself

Emma Gibbs Ng Mindset Success Coach Free Goal Setting Course

FREE Workbook: Understanding your Limiting Beliefs

Identify the stories you are telling yourself that are leaving you feeling stuck – trapped in a cycle resulting in the same outcomes & same frustrations! Grab your free workbook today

Meet Emma


First and foremost she has been where you are today and knows first hand the transformation your mindset can have on your life!!

Before all this began Emma was just a girl who felt lost, trapped and totally broken. With a background that includes some serious trauma and abuse, she had a few cards dealt to her that would be enough to make anyone call it quits BUT she didn’t!

She experienced judgement, pain, anxiety, and total overwhelm!! She thought she was damaged, not good enough, undeserving of success and happiness and she felt held back by fear, self doubt, and lack of belief in my abilities. For years she existed, going through the motions, playing small, trying to fit in and focusing on just getting by until she made a CHOICE! She chose to stop being a victim, she chose to stop wallowing and she chose to help myself…..

Fast forward 10 years and Emma has built a highly successful international personal development company that helps people create rapid change, connect to who they really are and how to live their lives with passion and purpose.

Using a combination of CBT EFT, Life & Business Coaching and NLP, she has the unique ability to help her clients reach breakthroughs and sustainable change within a relatively short period of time, ultimately improving the Success, Wealth & Happiness of her clients in a professional and personal capacity.

With over 7 years of combined professional and personal experience in mental health and wellness, she has created exclusive 1:1 programs, Self study courses and Group programs, all of which provide life-changing results.

Her Business has allowed her to help 1,000s of people to transform their lives so they are no longer defined by their past experiences and take control of their own choices so they can create a life worth living that is aligned with their goals and their passions.

She has worked with some of leading Coaches in the UK, Entrepreneurs, Directors of large enterprises, Global brands, large corporates and business owners.

With her expertise and experience, she also hosts the Mindset Growth Academy Podcast that focuses on bringing Mindset to Life and creating success from the inside out through the power of interviews, sharing stories from people all over the world who has achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.

Emma Gibbs Ng Mindset Success Coach Online Programs

Total Mindset Detox

My coaching is based around showing people how working on their mindset was their secret weapon, and my Signature programme was created to walk them through what that actually means for their daily lives. By focusing on their limiting beliefs, fears and self sabotage and then working with them on forgiveness, self care and goals, I am able to give my clients a deeper connection to the importance of mindset in all areas of their life and help them move forward confidently into a life without fear. 

Emma Gibbs Ng Mindset Success Coach VIP coaching for women

VIP Coaching

If accountability is what you need this program is for you! As a 1:1 Coaching client, you’ll work one on one with me to create a deep connection with Mindset. building trust and resources that are in alignment with your goals and aspirations so you create sustainable growth and success in all areas of your life! Whether you want to transform your life, create a super successful business, or simply start putting yourself first, we’ll work together to take you from mediocre to magnificent!

Emma Gibbs Ng Mindset Success Coach Free mini course


Get inspired and fired up with Emma Gibbs-Ng, founder of the Mindset Growth Academy, bringing Mindset to life!
The Mindset Growth Academy Podcast brings together incredible stories of inspiring people from around the world who have achieved greatness, overcome adversity and never given up.

“I worked with Emma on her coaching program to help me balance my business with family and reduce the feeling of guilt I was experiencing as a result.  I was so impressed by Emma’s professional and sympathetic approach.  I had preconceived notions about Mindset coaching – totally misunderstood.  The way in which Emma was able to bring out some of my deep rooted emotions, which I had held for far too long, was remarkable. She was able to make me feel at ease and really understand more about myself. Her empathy was first class. It left me feeling so much more positive.” Charlene

You’re meant for something big, and it starts here.

As a Mindset Success Coach, I truly believe that we all have the power within us to become anything we desire. All too often we become defined by the stories we tell ourselves ( often subconsciously) and allow them to hold us back – I don’t deserve success, good things don’t happen to me, I can’t afford it…. etc. etc. As a result we limit our choices, play safe and don’t take risks.

Sign up for my totally free  Limiting beliefs workbook and start identifying what personal limitations you are carrying around with you and how to let them. I will share with you how to:

  • Get out of our own way’ 
  • Break down exactly what is going on internally that is leaving you feeling stuck, trapped, confused and frustrated.  
  • Identify patterns
  • Build Self Awareness
  • Break down barriers
  • Create change
  • Acheive new results


We no longer need to let our pasts control our future. Give yourself permission to take back control, get clear on what is holding you back and identify what techniques will help create the right breakthroughs for you.

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